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50th Anniversary - Writing on Stone Rodeo

Foremost Agencies would like to note that they are a very Proud Sponsor of:

50th Anniversary - Writing on Stone Rodeo

Please be sure to check out their website for more information at the below URL:


iCompanion Apple, Blackberry, Android App is Here!!

Foremost Agencies is proud to announce that the iCompanion Smart phone application for Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Android is Here.

The application can be downloaded by typing "iCompanion" into the following stores:

  • Apple "App" Store
  • Blackberry World
  • Google Play

Once you have downloaded the "iCompanion" application, please contact Foremost Agencies for the proper login information to access the Foremost Agencies based Application.

The Application Includes the ability to:

Coming Soon!!! iCompanion Smart Phone Application

We are proud to announce that Foremost Agencies is currently in the process of working with the IBAA as well as iCompanion to create a smart phone application (compatible with iPhone, Android & Blackberry) in order to provide you with even a better way of submitting a claim:

iCompanion will provide our clients with the following services:

Residential Property Insurance Needs Overhaul

On September 12, 2013, Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta (IBAA) hosted a Property Insurance Forum in Edmonton, bringing many stakeholders from Alberta and across Canada together. This historic event germinated at the IBAA convention in May 2013, with concerns about hail, wind, fire, flood, and sewer backup property risks. The forum featured 13 participants and 70 invited observers from every facet of the property and casualty insurance industry and beyond.

IBAA Flood Activities Update

Members of the IBAA Executive and office staff decided that, after our annual planning meeting this year, we would forego a round of golf in favour of volunteering in High River on August 15, 2013. The nine-member team was assigned three separate projects for the day, each very different, and each a glimpse into the destruction suffered by victims. We worked with Samaritan’s Purse, whose volunteers flew in from all across the country to help clean, rebuild, console, and generally do whatever they could to help get High River back to normal.

Brokers prepare for big hail deductibles

The ‘new normal’ of record-setting hailstorms in Alberta may be leading to a ‘new normal’ of higher and peril-specific deductibles for customers, Alberta brokers say.

“We need to make sure our clients are aware that a hail claim on their house will have a much higher deductible than what they’ve had in the past,” said Julie Crawford of The Insurance Place. “Last year, they might have had a claim that had only a hail deductible of $500. This year, the minimum is $1,500. And it could be more depending on which company it is and where their home is located.”