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Foremost Agencies was established in 1983, when Felix and Wendy Ott, along with Wendy’s brother Robert King purchased Foremost Reality & Insurance from Mel Gaydos.  Felix employed Myrna Kuehl at that time and the two of them held down the business until April 1, 1989 when Felix purchased Griffiths Agencies from Pete and Judy Griffiths to expand the business.  Felix employed Edna Rarick, Darlene Kultgen and Pat Schile, along with Angela Baugh, who worked part-time.

Many business years followed where time and energy were put into building the business, where the number one focus was and continues today to be the customer.  Eventually, Alberta Registries/Motor Vehicle and Alberta Treasury Branch became a part of Foremost Agencies, a division of Forinsco Holdings Ltd.  On November 1, 1997 Felix and Wendy bought out Robert King.  Two years later, with work space being limited with the building they were in, Felix purchased the Trans Alta building at 210 Main Street where he continued to expand the insurance company and its services.  Foremost Agencies continues to be located at 210 Main Street where the structure itself may have changed slightly over the years but the pride coming from within the building remains the same.   

The office and employees of Foremost Agencies pride themselves on helping the community, where they type, fax and photocopy.  Today, Rosanne Webster, Jamie-Lee Schmitt, Karen Ward & Kayla Curran are with the company.  Times are continuing to change as Felix looks forward to retirement.  He is passing the torch down to his two children Brock and Ashli as he had planned to do from the beginning.  Brock and Ashli look forward to continuing to build their relationships with clients of Foremost Agencies and the community of Foremost and surrounding area that has been so important to Felix over the years.

Felix Ott – Owner / Broker 

Felix is a Level 3 Designated Representative.  He purchased Foremost Agencies in 1983 from Mel Gaydos and in 1989 expanded the business by purchasing Griffiths Agencies from Pete and Judy Griffiths.  The unique thing with Felix is that he has touched in three different areas of the Insurance Industry.  He started as a body shop mechanic in Medicine Hat in the early 1970's. As things changed, Felix moved on to work with Lilly Sherlock Adjusters in Lethbridge for the better part of four years.  At that time, an opportunity arose to purchase For-Alta Agencies in Foremost from Barry Bernhardt but he felt he was too young at the time and went back to managing the body shop for Glanville Ford in Medicine Hat.  In the late fall of 1982, the opportunity again knocked at his door to buy Foremost Reality and Insurance from Mel. On January 1, 1983 it finally became a reality.  Felix enjoys golfing in the summer with his kids and spending time with his wife, grandchildren, friends and family.   

Brock Ott – Manager / Broker

In the spring of 2011 Brock joined the Foremost Agencies team. He holds a Level 2 Brokers License as well as a Bachelor of Management Degree, with a major in Marketing. He also has a Certificate of Specialization in Professional Golf Management as Golf is his true passion. Brock enjoys working in the Commercial Farm Risk area of the business and dealing with the majority of the surrounding farmers. In 2008 Brock had a short stint on the Golden State Golf Tour in California where he realized that his dream of playing Professional Golf was going to be harder than he thought.  After dabbling in the Golf Business for quite some time, Brock decided that it was time to get involved in the family business and that Golf would have to become only his hobby. His wife - Kellie and son - Jordan have become his new number one love in life. He looks forward to hopefully teaching Jordan to golf at a young age one day, just as his father did for him.  Brock looks forward to meeting with potential clients as well as serving the needs of his current clients on a daily basis.

Ashli Malcolm – Manager / Broker

Ashli started her career at Foremost Agencies while she was attending Foremost High School.  She eventually went to Mount Royal College where she obtained her Business Admin and Insurance Diploma as well as her Chartered Insurance Professional Certification.  Ashli worked as an Auto Claims Adjuster with Peace Hills Insurance Company.  In 2011 she completed her Bachelor of Management Degree.  Shortly after graduating from the University of Lethbridge, she returned to Foremost where she became involved in the business with her Father and Brother. 

Karen Ward – Accounting

Karen joined the Foremost Agencies Team in 2017.  Since starting with Foremost Agencies, she has quickly grasped the Accounting side of the business. We couldn't be happier to have Karen on board helping with the day-to-day operations of the business. For both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, please feel free to contact Karen in our office.

Rosanne Webster – Clerical

Rosanne joined Foremost Agencies in 2003 as the business was quickly expanding.  Her day to day job deals with all the small but important things that require the business to run smoothly. She deals with payments, pink cards, mailing and receiving, as well as RCT Evaluators.  Her job is very valuable as she keeps the staff up to date and aligned at all times.  She enjoys spending time with her husband Dale, her three boys Danny, Bradley, and Cody as well as their wives and her grandchildren.  Rosanne also enjoys traveling in the winter with Dale to those warm and sunny destinations.

Wendy Ott - Clerical 

  • Office: 403.867.3805 - Extension # 3

If you have ever called the office, chances are the first person you've spoke with on the phone was Wendy. Truly the heart and sole of the operation, she keeps Felix, Brock and Ashli on their toes at all times. Wendy is in charge of checking all policies as soon as they are received on our end from the companies. From an endorsement being done incorrectly to an increase in premium at renewal time, she is quick to make sure it is corrected and accurate as asked by one of our Broker's. Wendy has been part of our successful operation from the very beginning and has watched it grow from a small two person operation to what it has become today.  She has spent the vast majority of her years in Foremost raising her daughter Ashli and son Brock, as well as owning and operating her passionate clothing store - Madison Avenue.  In 2013 she made the difficult decision to close Madison Avenue and retire.  Retirement didn't last long as Ashli and Brock quickly seen the opportunity to put her back to work.


Kayla Curran

Kayla joined Foremost Agencies in the spring of 2019.  Kayla is responsible for daily downloads and policy transacting as well as reception. Kayla works closely with our BMS providers to make sure that our clientele receives their policy documents well in advance of their renewal or payment date.